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Business Plans

Not an Owner/CFO, Franchise or Not for Profit? See our Advisor Plans.
All prices in



1 Entity
  • Reporting, Forecasting, Dashboard
  • 24/7 Help Centre
  • Training webinars

*Additional entities $25/Month

Business 20


20 Entities
  • Reporting, Forecasting, Dashboard
  • 24/7 Help Centre
  • Training Webinar

*Additional entities $12.50/month

Franchise & Not for Profit


20 Entities + Head Office
  • Multi
  • Account Manager
  • 24/7 Help Centre
  • Training Webinars

*Upgrade $5/month per entity


Which product should I use for consolidations?

If you need to consolidate up to 50 entities, the best option is our Reporting product. This product is available in both the Business or Business 10 plans.

 Do you offer any training options?

Yes, we offer introductory and advanced training webinars. Our online Help Centre is also available 24/7.

I'm a Franchise or NFP and have more than 50 entities to consolidate, what plan should I join?

If you need to consolidate more than 50 entities or require franchise/not for profit reports, then Multi would suit you better. See the product page to learn about the different features of Reporting and Multi.

Which products are included in the Business & Business 10 plans and payment options?

Reporting, Forecasting and Dashboard are included in these plans. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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Consolidated reporting

Preparing comprehensive reports for multi-entity companies has been laborious, costly and lacking in timeliness for too long. That is no longer the case with emerging cloud technologies.

With real life examples, this white paper offers guidance on how to quickly and effectively consolidate any number of related companies using cloud technologies.


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