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We're regularly updating this section of our website and are offering support and guidance to help you get through these difficult times.

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60 Day Trial for Businesses

We've extended our trial period from 28 days to 60 days for business owners, CFO's, franchises, and Not-For-Profit organisations.

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Webinar: 10 Recession-Busting Tips

Sign up for vital lessons on how to survive, thrive, and recover from a recession with Richard Francis.

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Free and Unlimited Spotlight Certification

Now is the time to ensure you know how to use our tools so every member in your firm is ready and able to advise business clients with confidence.

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Advising Clients In Troubled Times

In this webinar recording, Richard Francis explains how firms need to pivot and act using strategy and direction.

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Forecasting Power Hour Workshops

Step up and help your clients or business prepare budgets, forecasts, and scenarios which take into account a changing economic landscape.

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Powered by Spotlight: Ben Kepes from Cactus Outdoors

“We’ve converted our entire factory to 100% face mask production due to unprecedented demand”. Hear from Ben Kepes.

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Adapting your pricing and value-add services

Advice from experts is to continue to price normally. Here's how to make sure your clients are getting their money’s worth.

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Advisory services that matter right now

Your clients will need answers to some difficult questions. Here are the top services that will help you answer those questions in a financial crisis.

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Sort out your own business first

The advice from airlines is to secure your own mask first, before helping anyone else. Right now, that same rule applies to your firm or business.

Recalibrate Strategy and Direction Immediately

Turn something painful and scary into something that adds more value, and offers more value-add services to the clients who need it.

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Running a Business Through a Recession

Spotlight Reporting's Senior Account Manager Steve Kafritsas ran a small business during the GFC. Here's a summary of his experiences.

Transform! eBook

Add value and seize opportunity in the new accounting industry. The transformation that is taking place offers fantastic opportunities for new entrants to the industry and for those prepared to transform.

This free eBook, written by our CEO, Richard Francis, exists to help you make the most of this new wave and to do transformational work of true value and purpose.


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